Save him?

Surfing the web, I found this web page made by some old friends of mine. It’s about saving our friend Eirik, made after he quit school and became a radical activist. When I first saw it, there was only a text, some pictures and a «Sign here to save Eirik!»-campaign. No the web page has got a store, you tube-films and a blog as well. Since I’m such a nice person, I give some free commercial space for their cause. Save Shmeirik^^ Check it out here.


4 kommentarer om “Save him?

  1. The PRS wishes to express their gratitude for your continued support of our organization, and at the same time remind you of a certain promise you made about a year ago. – Okay, one word: Comics. Anyhow, we are grateful for your efforts to spread the word, and will be waiting patiently (though maybe not in silence), for the mentioned contribution. 😀

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