Free audiobook about a small bear with two mothers having to stay at home because of COVID-19

Hi everyone! This is Bo Bear!

Illustration: Jens A. Larsen Aas.

He is a Norwegian children’s book character. Two weeks ago, I made a special Bo Bear audiobook about Bo Bear having to stay home from day care because of COVID-19 and gave it away for free. It’s reached about 20 000 downloads as I write this.

My goal was to give parents and care takers everywhere a ten minute toilet break while their kids listened to a story that was really close to their own self-isolated everyday life.

Now I have gotten the audiobook translated to English by Matt Bagguley, and gotten native English speaker, Lara Okafor, to read it.

I am continuing the «spreading children’s culture to combat self isolation-fatiuge»-thing with giving away the English version as well.

Sign up here to get the free download! You will get both an MP3-version and a PDF-version.

Important disclaimer: I will not share your e-mail with anyone, and I will not send you any spam. But I will send you an e-mail if something awesome happens to the Bo Bear-franchise (like a translation into English.)

Experimental Corona-culture

Giving this book away is a live, cultural experiment. Bo Bear is an established concept in Norwegian. We have 16 book titles out so far, two movies and a television show. And super cute merchandise. When I shared my first audiobook, the kids who listened knew the character well.

But translated into other languages, the audiobook has to fend for itself. I hope it still serves you, all though your kids don’t know Bo Bear yet.

A few words about the story:

Bo Bear lives with his two mothers, Mummy and Mom, in the middle of Norway. Mom is a nurse and Mummy is a grad student in informatics.

The fact that the bears are queer has not been much of a topic in the Norwegian reception of the books (but we have had some debate regarding Bo Bears not optimal bed time routine…). But I have learned that the lack of queer families in children’s literature in general makes the Bo Bear books unique. So if you have been looking for some queer and fun children’s books, here is one for free. It’s about being stir crazy while your parent works from home. Oh, and it also got fart jokes and a cat. And a pirate song. All my four year old son’s favorite things.

Would you like to do something with the Bo Bear-franchise in English? Or any other language?

Then you should send an e-mail to the people right under here!

Contact Gyldendal Agency for anything book-related.
Contact Spark Media for TV, movies, merchandise and any wild whim or idea.

If you enjoy the audiobook: Please pass it on, and link to this blog post! Thank you!

Stay safe and wash your hands <3

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